Friday - 30 January 2015 
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Freedom Now - Overview

Freedom Now Campaign

Freedom Now Campaign focuses on :

  • stopping physical and mental torture and abuse;
  • gaining access to an adequate education; and
  • ending administrative detention (no charge or trial).

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  • Palestinian Child Prisoners

    Each year, hundreds of Palestinian children are arrested, interrogated, abused and imprisoned by the Israeli military authorities.  In some cases, the abuse amounts to torture. DCI/PS wants to ensure that Israel lives up to all of its international legal obligations including those contained in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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    Figures on Palestinian child prisoners

    Find out more about the latest statistics on Palestinian child prisoners, including the total number of children currently in detention, the number held without charge or trial in administrative detention and the number of girls in detention.

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    Video Box

    DCI/PS  has produced a 20-minute documentary highlighting the experiences of Palestinian child prisoners. The documentary is called Stolen Youth and includes interviews with ex-child detainees, their families and their DCI/PS lawyer, as well as exclusive footage from inside an Israeli Military Court.

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    Latest News

    Read the latest news stories, developments and updates on Palestinian child prisoners in Israeli prisons in the News Box                  
    If you don't confess, I will send you to somebody who will sexually abuse you.”
    Ibrahim (15 years old)

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