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June 29, 2009

Operation Cast Lead: 16 year-old boy killed on his way back from school

On 27 December 2008 Israeli F16 aircrafts bombed the preventive security building in Tal al-Hawa, Gaza City. The time of the strike corresponded to the mid-day change in school-shifts and many children from the nearby Nile secondary school for boys were on the streets coming to school or going back home. Two classmates Yousif (16) and Mustafa (16) were on their way home. As a result of the attack, Yousif lost consciousness and was taken to the nearby Red Crescent al-Quds hospital. He came to at 10:00pm and had sustained severe injuries to his right leg and head for which he had to undergo surgery. He learnt that his friend Mustafa and at least three other schoolmates had been killed in the attack.

At least 12 children were killed in the attack:

  • Ahmad Reiad Mohammad al-Senwar (3)
  • Tamer Hasan Ali al-Akhras (5)
  • Odai Abed al-Hakim Rajab Mansi (6) 
  • Yahia Ibrahim Farouq al-Hayek (11)
  • Kamelia Ra’fat al-Bardini (13)
  • Khaled Sami al-Astal (14)
  • Abed al-Hamid Jamal Khaled al-Sawi (14)
  • Hanin Wa’el Mohammad Dhaban (15) 
  • Yasmin Wa’el Mohammad Dhaban (16)
  • Mustafa Khader Saber Abu Ghanima (16)
  • Ahmad Rasmi Mohammad Abu Jazar (16) 
  • Mohammad Jaber Jaber Hweij (17)

Many others were maimed or wounded. 

During Operation Cast Lead, many children were killed as a result of Israeli military attacks targeting schools or alleged military objectives located in close proximity to schools. DCI-Palestine, as of today, has documented the killing of at least 32 children and the injuring of at least six who were in/near their schools, or on their way to/from schools when they were killed. 

                                                                                       DCI-Palestine, 29 August 2009.

Read the full report: Operation Cast Lead: 16 year-old boy killed on his way back from school

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