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February 25, 2009

Operation Cast Lead: 12 children killed in mistake air strike on their home

On 27 December 2008, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead with targeted air strikes followed by a ground invasion amidst continued bombardment from land and sea. The al-Zeitoun neighbourhood, south of Gaza City, where the ad-Dayah family lived, was severely and continuously bombarded. On 6 January 2009, at around 5:45am the ad-Dayah family’s three-storey house was struck in an F16s attack. Most of the family was at home; 22 were killed including 12 children.

In total, 12 children were killed in the attack:

• Salsabil Ramez Fayez ad-Dayah (4 months)
• Mohammad Iyad Fayez ad-Dayah (7 months)
• Bara Ramez Fayez ad-Dayah (1)
• Rab’a Iyad Fayez ad-Dayah (2)
• Yousif Mohammad Fayez ad-Dayah (2)
• Areej Mohammad Fayez ad-Dayah (3)
• Sharaf al-Deen Iyad Fayez ad-Dayah (4)
• Qamar Mohammad Fayez ad-Daya (5)
• Amani Mohammad Fayez ad-Dayah (6)
• Ala Iyad Fayez ad-Dayah (6)
• Khetam Iyad Fayez ad-Dayah (8)
• Ali Iyad Fayez ad-Dayah (10) 

According to a recent Haaretz article on military investigations carried out into attacks on civilians, the bombing of the ad-Dayah house was an “operational mistake”. The Israeli Air Force intended to strike a house that they believed was being used to store Hamas weapons. “According to the investigation, the ad-Dayah home was several dozen metres away from the intended target. The error occurred because the pilot was given mistaken coordinates.”

“The IDF described the incident as "saddening," but emphasized that it stemmed from ‘a professional mistake that could happen during intensive fighting.’ A senior officer who was involved in the probes said, ‘We will not apologize for an operation in which only 10 of our soldiers lost their lives.”

According to DCI-Palestine documentation, at least 352 children were killed as a result of Israeli military operations during Operation Cast Lead.

                                                                                   DCI-Palestine, 5 September 2009

Read the full report: Operation Cast Lead: 12 children killed in ‘mistake’ air strike on their home

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