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February 27, 2010

Operation Cast Lead: Boy, 16, shot by sniper on his roof

On 4 January 2009, 16-year-old Adham and his brother Odai (17) went up to the roof of their house to feed their pigeons. It was the day after the start of the Israeli ground offensive. Neighbouring areas had been invaded, but in al-Isra, everything was relatively calm that afternoon.

Adham was climbing up the staircase ahead of Odai, and as he reached the window on the third floor, he was hit by three bullets in the neck, chest and left shoulder, seemingly targeted by Israeli snipers stationed on the rooftop of a building whose third and fourth floors can be seen from the staircase. Adham was rushed to Shifa Hospital. He underwent a six hour long surgery but died the next day.

Read the full report: 16-year-old boy killed by sniper while feeding pigeons on his roof

DCI-Palestine documented the deaths of 352 children as a direct result of military attacks during Operation Cast Lead. In addition, five children died as an indirect result of the offensive (one baby born prematurely during an air raid; three children killed by unexploded ordnance; one child who had undergone heart surgery a week before the offensive and inhaled white phosphorous fumes).

DCI-Palestine, 27 February 2010

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