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February 27, 2010

Operation Cast Lead: Baby suffocates to death after strike

On the fourth day of Operation Cast Lead, 30 December 2008, in the afternoon, the Abu Sido family was sitting in their living room, in at-Tuffah (Gaza City), and the children playing, when a huge explosion shook the building. Smoke and dust filled the house. The parents picked up the children and started running downstairs, but 11-month-old Mustafa was left behind in a bedroom for a few minutes. The father ran back up, took Mustafa from his bed, and rushed him to hospital. Mustafa was covered in dust and breathed with difficulty. Doctors tried performing CPR on him for 10 minutes, unsuccessfully.

The explosion was caused by the bombing of a nearby house belonging to a Hamas leader, and which had been abandoned on the first day of the operation, on 27 December 2008.

Full report: Baby suffocates to death in aftermath of explosion targeting Hamas leader home

DCI-Palestine documented the deaths of 352 children as a direct result of military attacks during Operation Cast Lead. In addition, five children died as an indirect result of the offensive (one baby born prematurely during an air raid; three children killed by unexploded ordnance; one child who had undergone heart surgery a week before the offensive and inhaled white phosphorous fumes).

DCI-Palestine, 27 February 2010

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