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March 09, 2010

Operation Cast Lead: Girl killed walking home, sister injured

At 10.30 pm on 4 January 2009 Sameera Abu Ras (12) and her sister Ruba (13) were walking back from the shops in the neighbourhood of Deir al-Latin, Gaza City. They passed their uncle Ramez Abu Ras (26) on their way home as he chatted to a friend.

Seconds later a car sped up the road alerting his attention. He immediately saw a low flying helicopter followed by series of explosions which rocked the area as missiles targeted the speeding car. Running towards their house Ramez encountered his niece running screaming incoherently down the road. He quickly picked up the bleeding child and brought her home. On searching for the cause of her distress he found that Ruba had been critically wounded in the attack and had been taken to hospital. She died as a result of her injuries. Sameera had also been injured in the attack.

Read the full report: Girl (13) killed in air strike when walking home; sister (12) injured

DCI-Palestine documented the deaths of 352 children as a direct result of military attacks during Operation Cast Lead. In addition, five children died as an indirect result of the offensive (one baby born prematurely during an air raid; three children killed by unexploded ordnance; one child who had undergone heart surgery a week before the offensive and inhaled white phosphorous fumes).

DCI-Palestine, 9 March 2010

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