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March 05, 2010

Operation Cast Lead: Baby girl dies of phosphorus smoke

On 15 January 2009, what appears to be a white phosphorus bomb exploded near the Waked family house, in az-Zeitoun, Gaza City. The house shook and heavy smoke came in through the windows. Said, his wife and four of his children came out unharmed, but Nancy, his 5-month-old daughter started coughing, and her condition deteriorated gradually. Ten days later, she was taken to al-Nasr Children’s hospital, where she died.

Read the full report: Operation Cast Lead: 5-month-old baby girl dies after inhaling phosphorus smoke

DCI-Palestine documented the deaths of 352 children as a direct result of military attacks during Operation Cast Lead. In addition, five children died as an indirect result of the offensive (one baby born prematurely during an air raid; three children killed by unexploded ordnance; one child who had undergone heart surgery a week before the offensive and inhaled white phosphorous fumes).


DCI-Palestine, 5 March 2010

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