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Gaza Under Attack

22 December 2010
::  Operation Cast Lead: 14 children among 44 fatalities result
22 December 2010
::  Operation Cast Lead: Boy dies of white phosphorous inhalati
20 December 2010
::  Operation Cast Lead: One child killed and two maimed while
20 December 2010
::  Operation Cast Lead: Child killed while escaping from Israe
18 December 2010
::  Operation Cast Lead: Four children killed in the street by
16 December 2010
::  Operation Cast Lead: Nine children from the same family kil

Operation “Cast Lead” started on the morning of 27 December 2008, when Israeli aircraft started bombing targets in the densely populated Gaza Strip. This was followed on 3 January 2009 by the commencement of a ground offensive by the Israeli army.

Hundreds of Palestinians, almost a quarter of whom are children, have already been killed in these attacks, and thousands more have been injured. Schools and hospitals have been targeted, and the injured are denied urgent medical treatment by the Israeli army.

Israel’s actions amount to an illegal act of aggression and the circumstances in which many of the civilians were killed may amount to war crimes. DCI-Palestine is mobilising support for an immediate end to the killings and for those responsible for criminal conduct to be held accountable.


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